Digs for All is a nationwide group of top-producing, pet-savvy Realtors® committed to delivering an extraordinary quality of service for our clients who consider their pets a priority. We are experienced professionals you can trust to guide and protect you. With proven insights into local market trends and conditions, each agent possesses an unparalleled work ethic, extraordinary negotiation skills, extensive resources and many years of satisfied clients turned friends.

Our expertise is in connecting you with the best-suited agent, but it doesn’t stop there! We stay with you as long as you need. Digs for All eliminates the guesswork. Leave finding the perfect Realtor® to us.

Striving to make an impact on the lives of homeless animals, Digs for All members share an intense commitment to animal welfare. A generous portion of earnings from each sale is donated to non profit animal rescue organizations. For more information, see DigsforAll.

How it all started…

Digs for all was founded by Karen Gartz, Karen’s passion for helping homeless animals began in the 90’s when she discovered hundreds of animals were being euthanized daily in shelters across LA county.

Refusing to accept the heartbreaking reality, she jumped into action as a dog rescue volunteer and animal advocate During her successful, 20-year career in Real estate, colleagues would often seek advice on the unique needs of pet owners.

Uniting under a shared cause, Karen created a personal network of hundreds of agents across the nation, enlisting her connections (and their connections) who shared the same passion for helping both people and pets.

And thus, Digs for All was born.